Natural Dryer Sheets Review

I’ve been looking for some eco-friendly dryer sheets for a while now (for the rare times when I have to use my dryer), and BuyGreen came up trumps. Made by Mountain Green, the All Natural Dryer Sheets come in a variety or “flavors”: lavender, free&clear, baby scent and baby free&clear, and there are 40 to a tube.

The best thing about these sheets are what they don’t contain.


No petroleum, harsh chemicals, perfumes, parabens, chlorine, alcohol, or dyes are present. Unlike most ordinary dryer sheets, no tallow or other animals products are used. They’re also hypoallergenic, biodegradable and non-toxic, and because they’re plant based they won’t leave any buildup on your laundry.

Not being the laundry expert I can’t tell the difference when using these to other dryer sheets, but I certainly feel better using them and they work just fine. Take a look at them at Buy Green.


3 thoughts on “Natural Dryer Sheets Review

  1. What a list of benefits with these dryer sheets.
    Say no to
    petroleum, harsh chemicals, perfumes, parabens, chlorine, alcohol, or dyes, no tallow or other animals products
    as well as all that all the benefits such as the hypoallergenic factors and that they are biodegradable and non-toxic.

    They certain are green and well worth the change to what appears to be a fantastic product I will be definitely look out for them. I have to say I had to research the word parabens, so perhaps I am not as green as I obviously should be.

    Thanks for the info on these dryer sheets.


  2. Currently not in the market for what I am guessing a essentially baby wipes with a fantastic green edge. However I am guessing there is no reason why something like these Mountain Green dryer sheets can’t be something to have on hand in the car? The benefits do seem pretty great especially as I often have nothing to clean up with on a long drive and eating on the run. Interested, will investigate further. Are they pretty much readily available?


  3. I have to admit I do often use them for clearing up a little in the garage, as they’re “wet”. I wouldn’t think they’re soft enough to be baby wipes and are really meant for the dryer I guess!


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