Hemp Soap With Almond Eco Product Review

This Hemp and Almond Pure Vegetable Soap from Sativa Bags smells delicious. If you don’t like marzipan, it’s probably not the soap for you but I loved the almond smell which is strong but not overpowering.

The smell doesn’t stay on your hands after washing however, so fear not about smelling like cake all day. The picture is of the olive oil soap as they must be out of stock of this type at the moment.

Hemp Soap With Olive Oil

Unlike a lot of non-natural products this soap doesn’t dry out the skin on your hands. I have sensitive skin that is prone to eczema but this did not irritate my hands at all. The lather is thick and ever so slightly oily leaving hands soft as well as clean.

A little goes a long way as it lathers up very quickly and after washing my hands numerous times the soap still looks the same size and shape as it did to begin with.

This is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin who struggles to find a soap that doesn’t leave their hands dry and irritated.

Bottega della Canapa Hemp and Almond Pure Vegetable Soap is made in Italy and is available from Sativa Bags costing £2.50 for a 100g bar.


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