Cath Kidston Kitchen Cleaner Eco Product Review

If you hate cleaning, like me, you should get the job of testing cleaners out. It’s amazing how it focuses you as you wipe the grime away and you start thinking more about the product than the actual cleaning. Try it, it works. In fact, buy this Cath Kidston Kitchen Cleaner from Big Green Smile and let me know if like it – then you’ll be cleaning and reviewing at the same time!

Cath Kidston Kitchen Cleaner

Anyway, part of the Washing Line er line of products, the kitchen cleaner comes in a simple, friendly bottle with an Eco Friendly cloud on the front. The ingredients list reads: aqua, alcohol, alkyl polyglucoside, sodium citrate, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, benzophenone-4, parfum and lactic acid. It says it’s non-toxic, biodegradeable, contains no animal products, parabens or sulphates.

As you would imagine, you simply spray it onto the surface and wipe away. I initially tried it on my stainless steel sink and while it didn’t work as well as Method’s stainless steel cleaner, it did quite a nice job. And on the usual work surfaces it did as good a job as any other cleaner I’ve used – eco-friendly or not.

The nozzle is quite good and helps cleaning as you can choose it to either spray or stream the cleaner out depending on what job you’re doing and amount of cleaner you need. Maybe a lot of cleaners have them and this is the first time I’ve realised, but it’s quite useful.

Another way it stands out from other eco cleaners is the smell. Most have a neutral or citrus scent, but this is ‘cotton fresh’ which actually rather pleasant and was a nice surprise as I wasn’t expecting it.

It’s good a big name like Cath Kidston has gone down the eco route with its line of cleaners and you’ll be happy with the result. The Washing Line Kitchen Cleaner cost £3.95 for 750ml from Big Green Smile.


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