JASON Mango Satin Body Wash Eco Product Review

Thanks to Big Green Smile I’m now the owner of a massive tub of body wash. JASON Mango Satin Body Wash to be precise and at 900ml it’s an imposing sight in the bathroom, but more on that later.

JASON is a brand from America, its products are is ‘pure, natural and organic’ and this body wash contains mango and papaya extracts to soften the skin. And it smells like it too. It smells lovely, like a mango yoghurt, or indeed a mango, and is bright orange. As a shower gel it works well, thick and creamy it makes a nice lather like the mainstream, non-organic shower gels do. But this isn’t a shower gel, it’s a body wash and you can use it in the bath too, just put it on a loofah or wash cloth and it works just as well.

JASON body wash

I would advise to thoroughly wash yourself after using it. I have quick showers and putting my underarm deodorant on resulted in it turning a little orange. It’s not permanent but I’m glad it came off then and not onto my white shirt while I was at work.

It comes in a big container as I mentioned, and not easy to fit on that little shelf in the corner of the shower, but I like it. Plastic containers (this is HDPF 4) are a sad by-product of this industry, one that even the best organic companies haven’t be able to overcome. So why not sell them in big containers? I recycle them anyway but there’s less recycling if you have a bigger container. And it’s more cost effective too. Compare the price of this to similar products which are 500ml or so.

JASON Mango Satin Body Wash costs £7.99 for 900ml from Big Green Smile.


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