Nu IPath Sneakers Are Cooler Than Me

Becuase I’m such a cool skateboarder (ahem) I received some great Nu sneakers (or trainers) from IPATH.

“IPATH (pronounced eye-path) was founded in 1999 as a clear divergence from the over-tech trend in performance skate shoes. IPATH sneakers are as durable and grippy as other similar priced footwear intended for skateboarding, but they tend to have a more understated vibe that appeals to a different consumer. ”

Nu IPath

The pair I received were the cream ones, though they’re more green than cream. There is also a green pair available but they’re much darker green. Very, very comfortable they came with a green and cream set of laces in case you wanted to switch and also have Velcro sealed pockets below the tongue, for stashing keys, money or whatever.

They also apparently feature triple-stitched construction in the toe and outside foot area that helps ensure durability and prevent blow-outs as skaters slide their feet against harsh griptape (I’m no skater, but I’m told with confidence that when you ollie, your lead foot turns sideways, so the outside of the upper is sliding against the board). The elasticated tongue also ensures an snug and comfortable fit.

I couldn’t find any downside to them, they do what is asked of them and look good too.

Price-wise they are not cheap at nearly $80 but the quality seems outstanding. Plus they’re made from materials such as hemp, ramie, organic cotton and other recycled and/or sustainable materials. Check them out at IPATH.


2 thoughts on “Nu IPath Sneakers Are Cooler Than Me

  1. you don’t happen to know how much percentage is made from natural materials? have to admit i really love the look of them and would love a pair, but like always they aren’t sold in UK 😦


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