Sea Breeze Organic Pillar Candle Eco Product Review

The Scented Candle Shop kindly sent Life Goggles a lot of candles to review. And I mean a lot, there were about 60 in all. Okay some were packs of candles but that’s still a lot of candles to review and hopefully once we’re done it’ll mean we’ve covered the majority of environmentally friendly candles out there.

Anyway on this organic pillar candle from Heaven Scent; Kate reviewed a Ylang Ylang version of it back in December 2008 so we know it has good eco credentials. Made from 100% organic vegan plant wax and natural oils, it’s harder to get a better candle for the environment.

Sea Breeze

The one pictured is the one I tested, a mini pillar candle that’s remarkably cheap, so I wasn’t expecting much, but it’s very strongly scented and once lit will fill the whole room without being overpowering. The wax is different from what you’re used to with candles and it will just disappear rather than melt, it almost crystallises.

To make the most of it I’d suggest putting the candle in a bathroom or toilet as it will overpower other smells and give smaller rooms a nice smell. For my first review from the Scented Candle Shop I’m very impressed.

The Sea Breeze Organic Pillar Candle costs £1.79 and can be found here.


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