Yankee Candle Beanswax Eco Product Review

Probably one of the most famous names in candle making, Yankee Candle, are best known for their huge range of scents in big glass jars you find in home shops and garden centres. What they haven’t been is particularly environmentally friendly, until now.

Scented Candle Shop sent Life Goggles one of the candles from its Beanswax range – with an Open Space scent. Yep, Open Space. Basically that seems to be the smell of grass, which is actually surprisingly pleasant and not something I would normally think of when buying a candle. More on the scent later.

Open Space

The candle itself comes in a tin and while not recycled, it is recyclable and it negates the need for a candle holder. The wax is 100% all-natural American soy wax, the wick is 100% natural and no artificial colour or dyes are used – not bright green candle for you.

And it burns quite nicely in its self contained unit. It’s quite light so be careful not to knock it like I did and spill wax everywhere. Although it went on my skin it wasn’t actually that hot and is a milky white in colour which proved a challenge to clean up on my kitchen surface which was almost the same colour. That’s not a criticism, it actually shows the lack of dye in it.

Back to the smell. Unlike other Yankee Candle products I found the smell a lot more delicate and it didn’t overpower a room like its mainstream products. In fact it could have done with being a little stronger I thought, but other than than I’ve been impressed with the candle. And I like the direction the company is going in. There are lots of scents in the Beanswax range and some have two wicks to create a stronger smell.

You can buy the Open Space candle I reviewed for £5.39 from the Scented Candle Shop.


2 thoughts on “Yankee Candle Beanswax Eco Product Review

  1. I tried Yankee Candles when I found them in Karstadt

    Well, the scents are gogeous and so naturally. I just love it…

    The soy candle called Washing Day isn´t as good as Clean Cotton, but it´s a funny kind of nice… But not as fresh laundred linen…

    But the Open Space Soy Candle is just green smelling like Grass and fresh air, i´ve never expected such an “smells like the real thing” experience…

    However, Yanke Candles are the best smelling candles in the world… Glade Airwick and Febreze Candles couldn´t stand it…

    Greetings from European Union, Germany, Bonn

    Alexander 🙂


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