TrickleSaver Aims To Stop Power Drains

A company called TrickleStar have launched two products to help you save energy in your home. The PC TrickleSaver and TV TrickleSaver have been designed to stop the flow or drain of standby power when appliances are not being used.

When a PC is on, the PC TrickleSaver switches power to all PC peripherals. Conversely when a PC is shutdown the PC TrickleSaver switches off all peripherals.


The TV TrickleSaver works in the same way. The TV and PC TrickleSavers are both easy to use and they work with existing powerboards, which means ‘no wastage’, ie no need to replace powerboards or infrastructure. It can be connected directly to equipment or connected to a standard electrical powerstrip with a number of connected devices. Hopefully we’ll be testing one on Life Goggles soon.


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