TrickleSaver Energy Saving Product Review

We’re previously mentioned TrickleSaver, a device designed to stop the flow or drain of standby power when appliances are not being used (often called vampire power). Well, we got our hands on the products for a test.

We were sent the PC TrickleSaver, TV TrickleSaver and PC TrickleSwitch. Made by TrickleStar, the PC TrickleSaver and TV TrickleSaver are almost the same product, except the PC version (Mac compatible) uses a USB connection. When the PC or TV is on, the accessories such as printers or DVD players are also on, but when they’re off, power to all the other accessories/peripherals is also turned off.


You simply plug the main device into the Master socket, or use the USB connection on the PC version and a powerstrip into the slave socket and that’s it. It’s pretty discrete and fairly minimally packaged. Apparently it will earn it’s money back more quickly that a “smart” powerstrip too. They worked well, I chose not to keep my cable box in the loop as it is a DVR and they are often recommended to be left on for software and TV guide updates. Plus it takes nearly 10 minutes to boot up each time too and that was no fun.


I was also sent the TrickleSwitch, which is a desktop accessory for the PC TrickleSaver. Essentially you plug it in between the USB connection to the PC/Mac and you have a handy button on your desktop. What does it do? Well it can be used to turn the powerstrip that is connected to all the peripherals on or off. So when you’re using the PC you can have everything turned off if you’re not using them, but can turn them on quickly without having to crawl under your desk. It’s actually pretty handy though could have been part of the PC TrickleSaver rather than an optional accessory, but it was very easy to install (it’s just a button with an in and an out USB socket on).

Take a look at TrickleStar.


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