JASON Tea Tree Satin Body Wash Eco Product Review

Big Green Smile recently sent me the JASON Mango Satin Body Wash, which I reviewed here, and along with it they sent the tea tree variant.

Jason Tea Tree

And it’s even better to be honest. If I’d reviewed it the other way around, I may not have liked the mango one so much as this is lovely.

As it’s just another ‘flavour’ in the same range, there isn’t much new to say about it, although it uses organic tea tree oil instead of the mango stuff obviously. Now, I’m not the greatest fan of tea tree oil but this doesn’t really smell of it – perfect. It’s got quite a fresh smell and is lovely and smooth to touch.

For a change I thought I’d try and wash my hair with it – I try this from time to time with shower gels as sometimes I reckon it’s the same stuff for body and hair – but not in this case, I suppose it does clean your hair but I’d recommend a proper shampoo…

JASON Tea Tree Satin Body Wash costs £7.99 for 900ml from Big Green Smile.


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