Furniture That Lasts 300 Years

Ever bought a new chair and have it fall apart a couple of years later? They don’t make things like they used to do they? Well in fact the do. A Swedish company, Brikolör, guarantees its furniture will last 300 years.

I’ll repeat that, 300 years. That’s what sustainability is all about – building quality things that last. It is quite expensive though, around EUR 500 for a stool. Still that’s only EUR 1.66 for ever year it lasts. Beat that Ikea.


Spotted at: Springwise


3 thoughts on “Furniture That Lasts 300 Years

  1. Well that certainly is a bold statement. Products that can last for 300 years. I guess with products that do live up to the statement you could finally have something to leave to your family in your will?? Not sure anyone will like the style of the stool for example in say 150 years time but if it works it works. Like you say the costs are on the high side but perhaps it is worth the effort since these days nothing lasts. Looking forward to checking out these 300 year guarantee items myself.


  2. Thanks Michiel, you’re right about the style! However it’s good to see things built to last these days as everything seems to break much more quickly than they used to.


  3. So Adam have you actually purchased any of the Brikolör furniture? As with Michiel I would have to say I am not sure I would like the sylte myself even after say 20 years but have to agree that absolutely nothing seems to last these days. In saying that though it is also that we seem to have less respect for things, not only is this related to possessions but most things in general. I too will take the time to check out this 300 year guarantees furniture. Perhaps as with some other fashions the “flavor: of the furniture will have cycles as well!


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