Convertible Bicycle And Stroller/Buggy

I was enjoying the British summer in the park the other say. And apart from spotting D-list celebrities, I also saw one of these things gently amble past. That’s not my picture by the way, but it was just a sunny.


A week later, I was looking through some old emails and good old Springwise had a little feature on it. Called the Taga, it’s:

“A recent winner of the Red Dot Design Award, the Taga bike uses simple click-to fit technology that allows it to be switched from stroller mode to bicycle mode in just 20 seconds. Child seating can be reclined for a sleeping little one, and there’s both a hood and rain guard for protection against the elements. Future options will include seating for two children, a car seat adapter, a cart mode, a wooden double seat and extra front-end protection. The Taga is available in stores throughout Europe and the UK, where pricing is GBP 1,695.”

A bit pricey then, maybe that’s why I haven’t seen any more.


3 thoughts on “Convertible Bicycle And Stroller/Buggy

  1. Hi there,
    I am the UK manager from Taga with the good news that we have just reduced our price to £1549. We also have a Summer Celebration Campaign which gives consumers the opportunity of receiving a £100 discount voucher for the summer up to the 21st September 09. Log onto our website to see these offers and the chance the win a taga through our facebook page. The Taga offers parents a superb way of enjoying time with their child whilst being a very practical solution to urban travel and hopefully our fantastic summer offers will bring ownership within the reach of most eco-aware parents.


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