Aloe Pura Dental Floss Eco Product Review

Now I’m not sure if this review will be helpful or not. I’ve not tried the stuff myself, but you can find out more on the Trust William website.

This review was written by Andy, who wanted to title it: Is the floss posh or dross? That sort of sets the tone:

“There are some routines in life that are insignificant to the bigger questions we all face, and one of those is dental floss. Yet it can still pay to spend a bit of time evaluating the minty cords we yank through our choppers nigh daily.


“The first question we have to ask of organic dental floss, which is made from free range bees wax, is whether it is as gentle on the molars as the more mainstream offerings. Its non organic competition boasts a silk finish for supreme comfort, not to mention speedier cleaning times as the smoother action of silk shaves seconds off a regular floss job.

“Sadly, the eco floss causes a great amount of friction in the morning and much bleeding of the nashers. I give this floss one point out of five possible points. The reason it gets one is because it is good for the environment, so all the floss that they’ve produced, although no one will buy it, hasn’t been so bad for our natural world. If this is your top priority then definitely go for this floss.”

Aloe Pura Dental Floss is available as part of the Aloe Vera Natural Fresh Breath Pack from Trust William which costs £5.


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