A Real-Life Wall-E

Apparently Italian scientists are developing DustCart, an on-demand robot trash collector. DustCart is part of a project called “DustBot,” a $3.9 million research program that started in 2006 to implement robotics in society in useful ways, such as cleaning the streets. As well as collecting trash “on-demand” the robot is able to gather real time data on the surrounding environment. Equipped with special sensors it monitors air pollutants, such as nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, ozone, benzene, CO, CO2 and air temperature.


Part of me thinks it’s a great idea, another part thinks it’s not really a solution – we already have people who earn their living cleaning the streets, it’s very expensive and it doesn’t look entirely practical. Mind you, he looks happy in his work.

Read more about DustBot here.


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