Eco Matters At The Forefront Of People’s Minds

We’ve featured many products from Big Green Smile and now it’s time to feature some of the thoughts of those who work there. This first post links in nicely with the fact Big Green Smile is an online shop as it’s about eco products, written by Alasdair:

Climate change affects us all, but it’s good to see the ongoing economic crisis hasn’t taken over in people’s minds.

According to a report by Consumer Focus, the recession is not denting demand for eco products among Britons.

Indeed, sustainability expert Lucy Yates said: “Even now, when money is tighter than ever, people still want to buy products that are better for the environment.”

I’m inclined to agree with this point of view, as it was reinforced when I opened The Times this morning. A poll commissioned by the newspaper showed that nearly three-quarters of motorists have reduced their car use in the last 12 months.

By switching to public transport, they are clearly showing that ecological matters are at the forefront of their thinking.

Indeed, 14 per cent of respondents stated that the environment is the main reason why they have chosen to leave the car at home more frequently.

You can read more blog entries at Big Green Smile.


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