Rose Organic Pillar Candle Eco Product Review

The Scented Candle Shop has sent us candle lovers at Life Goggles lots of candles to review and some were the same candle just a different scent. And this organic pillar candle is just the rose version of the Sea Breeze candle I reviewed a while back.

So it’s going to be a short review, you can refer to the other review if you like, but this is exactly the same but er pink. Okay, not exactly the same as also the smell isn’t as strong as the Sea Breeze one but it’s just as pleasant.

Rose pillar candle

Made from 100% organic vegan plant wax and natural oils, it’s harder to get a better candle for the environment. It still crystallizes rather than melts but burns nice and evenly. this one left a lattice shell as it burned down too which was a nice effect.

The Rose Organic Pillar Candle costs £1.79 and can be found here.


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