How To Look Great During The Festival Season

Another post from Big Green Smile. This one’s written by Tanja.

Music lovers across the land are in heaven now that festival season is underway. Glastonbury was as successful as ever, while punters are now gearing up for more big events such as T in the Park.

But one of the main problems faced by women is how on earth can they maintain their natural beauty when they are sleeping in a tent?

Luckily, the Sun [newspaper] has issued a few handy tips and recommendations to those who don’t know what natural skin care products to take with them.

Cleansing wipes were flagged up as one essential item to take, as being outdoors at a music festival can make skin very grimy and vulnerable to blocked pores and blackheads.

The Sun said wipes can be particularly useful because festival shower and toilet facilities “can often leave a lot to be desired”.

Women were also advised to remember to put sun block in their rucksacks, as UV rays can still damage a person’s skin even when the sun is not beating down.

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