Ecover Power Cleaner Eco Product Review

Part of Ecover’s new range of cleaners with ‘Eco-Surfacants’ (you can read more here), the Power Cleaner was sent to me along with big brand Cilit Bang Power Cleaner/Degreaser to compare with.

Now Cillit Bang is known to be extremely powerful and when it cautions you not to use it on certain surfaces you realise it is. And I smells like it, it has an incredibly strong scent which, to me, means I don’t want to be around it for long. Ecover’s version on the other hand hardly smells of anything, it says it has a fresh plant fragrance.

Ecover Power Cleaner

The other difference is that although both are liquids in the bottle, Ecover’s Power Cleaner squirts out in a foam. Not much difference you would think, but I found it very useful when cleaning surfaces that aren’t horizontal – the Cillit Bang would run off quickly.

When it comes down to cleaning power, I didn’t found too much difference but if I’m honest the Cillit Bang seemed work a little better. But not much and I actually preferred using the foam as mentioned and I’ll feel happier using it on pots and pans than I do the Cillit Bang. Impressive stuff.

Ecover Power Cleaner costs around £3.99 in supermarkets and is available online from places like Nigel’s Eco Store.


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