Heaven Scent Patchouli Travel Candle Eco Product Review

The Heaven Scent Patchouli Travel Candle from theScented Candle Shop is a subtly scented soothing candle that is perfect for an evening of peace and relaxation.

The candle produces a subtle and relaxing aroma that I can only describe a lovely cross between lemon and incense. Rest assured that the fresh, lemony scent does not smell like cleaning products and unlike other scented candles, is not over-powering. In fact, the aroma may even be a bit too subtle, and it is advisable to place the candle close-by to ensure that you can fully enjoy the scent.

Travel candle

The packaging claims that the patchouli candle is ‘meditative’. I’m not particularly into meditation myself but if you are type of person who likes to light candles to unwind then this is definitely one for you. It would certainly provide a lighter alternative to burning incense.

The candle is made from 100% natural sustainable wax, plant source and essential oil. However, it does come in a plastic pot, which not only reduces the candle’s eco-credentials somewhat (presumably it’s lighter and easier for travelling around, hence the name), but the pot does get pretty hot as the candle is left burning, making it difficult to move around.

The great thing about this candle is that is very self-contained. The wax and oil sit low in the pot so there is no need to worry about dripping wax anywhere. This also means that once blown out, the melted candle then solidifies, ready to be burned and enjoyed again.

The Heaven Scent Patchouli Travel Candle is available from the Scented Candle Shop and costs £3.59.


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