Saving The Planet By Small Contributions

Another post from Big Green Smile. This one’s written by Nick.

Governmental advice on how to help the planet will be available in a pamphlet that will be available from our libraries later this year.

We at BigGreenSmile can only smile at the Government’s advice that is spot on with our mantra:

Big change is required in the way we live but big change doesn’t always have to be made by governments. The individual can make a difference and small changes by one person can have a ripple effect through society at large. The information includes how the public can make simple changes to their lives contributing to climate change.

Hanging out clothes instead of using a tumble dryer
Cutting food waste
Use less water when boiling a kettle (see our Eco Kettle)
Taking showers rather than baths (why not save more with our aerated showerheads)
Switch off the television at night (check out our Standby buster)
The leaflet also includes areas on how to insulate your home and using energy saving light bulbs (our energy saving light bulbs)

This is a starter for ten for the Government’s plans to commit Britain to ambitious global greenhouse gas reductions when the talks take place at the UN’s climate change meeting in Copenhagen in December. We say bring it on!


2 thoughts on “Saving The Planet By Small Contributions

  1. Good post Nick (we Nicks need to stick together :-))
    Best ways of going green I have found are switching from high energy ways of doing things to low energy ways. Like switching from using a gas mower to a manual reel mower (and get some good exercise) or stop using that electric clothes dryer and use a good old fashioned laundry drying rack like this one (and also not adding unwanted heat to your home in summer = less AC)


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