Ecover All Purpose Cleaner Eco Product Review

Part of Ecover’s new range of cleaners with ‘Eco-Surfacants’ (you can read more here), the All Purpose Cleaner was sent to me along with big brand Flash One for All to compare with.

Ecover Multi Purpose Cleaner

I’m one of those people who like to be told what to do with a cleaner, this cleans ovens, this cleans windows etc. All purpose confuses me slightly, you put a capful or two in a bucket of water and then just go mad with it I think.

So I did, and it’s quite a refreshing thing to do. Cloth in hand I whirled around the bathroom and kitchen and enjoyed myself. Well to be honest I’d rather be sitting down with a beer watching the footy, but I enjoyed it as much as you can with cleaning.

I did the same with the Flash but wore some attractive rubber gloves (supplied by Ecover actually for the petrochemical big brand cleaners they sent and they’re Fair Trade made by Traidcraft) while doing it.

Both worked very well, it’s really hard to decide which is better. The scents were similar too – both lemon but slightly different but again I couldn’t decide which I preferred. What is comes down to again is that the Ecover is better for the environment – when you can get something as good as Flash but better for the world in which we live then why wouldn’t you?

Ecover All Purpose Cleaner costs around £1.59 for 500ml in supermarkets and is available online from places like Nigel’s Eco Store.


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