Ecover Window & Glass Cleaner Eco Product Review

Part of Ecover’s new range of cleaners with ‘Eco-Surfacants’ (you can read more here), the Window & Glass Cleaner was sent to me along with well-known brand Mr Muscle Window & Glass (with vinegar) to compare with.

Ecover Window & Glass Cleaner

Nowadays when I read the instructions on mainstream brands, the first thing I look at is the ‘caution’ section. And on this Mr Muscle it warns you not to breathe in the spray, use only in a well ventilated earlier and avoid prolonged contact with the skin. Not something I really want near me to be honest. But in the name of research I gave it a go.

And it’s pretty good actually. To be honest, neither gave the smear-free shine I was hoping for, but that means they work more or less the same. My windows in the lounge were particularly dirty so any sort of cleaning would have made a difference. But using it on the kitchen windows made a difference too although I wouldn’t have considered them dirty really. It’s quite satisfying having shining windows (or indeed, ones you can see out of) and the Ecover did a nice job. I didn’t have to use a great amount either.

Ecover Window & Glass Cleaner costs around £2.69 in supermarkets and is available online from places like Nigel’s Eco Store.


5 thoughts on “Ecover Window & Glass Cleaner Eco Product Review

  1. although it’s great to see green alternatives to toxic cleaning products, glass and window cleaning is one of the simplest things to clean and doesn’t need something like this to get a clean like a pro. I wrote an article recently on how to make your own window cleaning product in a few minutes and for less then 50p per bottle. all you need is vinergar (white), few drops of lemon oil (or any other you prefer the scent of), a teaspoon of bio-degrable washing up liquid, and water.


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