Bill Streever – Cold Book Review

Cold – Adventures in The World’s Frozen Places is a book that looks cold. But that’s OK, it was 100°F today so I don’t mind.

Living in Anchorage, Alaska, Bill knows what it’s like to be cold. Split into 12 monthly chapters – July to June for some reason, the book is a nice change, rather than global warming it talks about the places that are still cold, and how this effects the people and animals there, and across the world.

There are plenty of historical references setting the scene in context and I enjoyed the nature parts the most, learning things on almost every page. I thought all Polar bears hibernated (nope, just the females), some frogs can freeze and still return to life, and a full-grown musk ox can shed five pounds of underfur per year.


I’ve never made it to Alaska, or the Arctic, but this books makes you want to go, it’s almost a travel guide in one respect. There are slow parts, and parts where I would have liked more information (though there’s a great notes section in the back for further reading), but no more than any other book I’ve read.

Definitely worth a read.


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