Dot Eco Top-Level Domain

I received a couple of emails about trying to establish a .eco top level domain name.

First Dot Eco, LLC is coordinating the establishment of a new .eco top level domain. Unlike most top level domains that are purely profit driven, over 50% of the profit generated by .eco domain registrations will be donated back to non-profit organizations to fund scientific initiatives that will help our environment.

Dot Eco is partnered with former Vice President Al Gore and his non-profit organization, The Alliance for Climate Protection and Sierra Club.

Second Green Cross International a global non-profit with national organisations in over 30 countries, has announced its intention to help support the launch of the .eco domain. However they seem to be supporting the The Big Room Inc. application for the .eco extension. This has been developed along with an international team of advisors and investors with deep roots in sustainability, environmental, and business communities.

So, all sounds good, just don’t ask me. You can visit Support Dot Eco and Dot Eco Info.


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