Heaven Scent Spiced Apple Jar Candle Eco Product Review

This candle from Scented Candle Shop is a little different from all the others we’ve reviewed it is housed in a glass jar.

There’s not much difference though, it’s still 100% organic plant wax handmade from a natural, sustainable plant source. There’s no petroleum based paraffin wax or animal products involved either. All this makes for a very runny wax when the candle is lit so the jar format works very well. The top half centimetre or so melts and turns a little darker than the rest of the candle which is actually quite a nice effect.

Spiced Apple Jar Candle

The weight of the glass is also an advantage as any little knocks on the candles housed in little tins or pots and suddenly you have near invisible wax over the table or on the floor. This ins’t the case with this one but I did check to see how hot the wax is and once again it’s not hot at all so if you did spill it on you, you’ll be okay.

The scent is quite delicate actually, until you get extremely close when you can smell the apple more strongly.

With a 50 hour burning time and being eco-friendly, it’s hard to fault this candle. The scent could maybe be stronger but I’m not sure you’d want that really.

Heaven Scent Spiced Apple Jar Candle cost £6.29 and is available from the Scented Candle Shop.


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