Organic Blue Hair and Body Wash Eco Product Review

Hair and Body Wash for Men by Organic Blue from So Organic is an all natural and organic shower gel and shampoo combination. The product is SLS free and does not contain parabens or any synthetic colours or fragrances.

The first thing I noticed when I popped the top off the bottle was the strong smell of the gel, a mixture of lemongrass and eucalyptus. This was a bit overpowering at first but did calm down a bit after a while and I got used to it fairly easily. The gel didn’t leave the strong smell on my body that I was worried it would, but rather left me feeling fresh for work that day and each day I used it.

Organic Blue

The main problem I had with the gel was that I used the whole bottle very quickly for two reasons. Firstly, the gel was quite runny, especially when compared to other shower gels, which meant a lot came out the bottle when I tipped it into my hand. Indeed, the wash has more of a watery thickness than a true gel.

Secondly, the gel didn’t lather well at all meaning I had to use plenty for each shower. I would probably have been able to use less but I was not used to using a shower gel that didn’t lather much at all.

I’m afraid I can’t say that the Organic Blue product was good or bad as a shampoo – I never think that shower gels that double up as a shampoo are particularly good and didn’t use it for my hair. It probably says something that I wasn’t tempted to try it on my hair after using it on my body.

Importantly, Organic Blue Hair and Body Wash left me clean and refreshed after use and at £3.99 represents good value for an all natural alternative to high street brands of hair and body wash, even if the bottle empties fairly fast.


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