Simply Soaps’ Organic Guy Bar Soap Eco Product Review

As the name might suggest, the Organic Guy Bar Soap from So Organic is simple: simple packaging, simple product.

While I usually tend to buy mainstream, branded products – preferring facewashes and shower gels to soaps, which I’ve found leave your skin feeling dry and rubbery – I was reasonably surprised by this product.

I as struck by the sharp contrast it presents against some of its present day rivals, chiefly because it doesn’t claim to use sophisticated, laboratory-developed technology, priding itself instead on being modest and subtle.

Organic Guy Bar

In addition it is quite practical: the rough, box-like shape makes it easy to grip and the corners stop the bar from slipping from your hands when wet, unlike oval-shaped soaps.

In all, the Organic Guy Bar does exactly what it is supposed to do; it gets dirt off, with the added bonus being that it didn’t leave my skin feeling as dry as I thought it would.

However I found the product’s excessive simplicity was also its only downfall. While the fragrance is light, earthy, subtle, and calming, I feel it is important not only to feel clean but to smell clean too – a sensation that didn’t last for very long with this soap.

Although I’m not sure I would buy the Organic Guy Bar, if it’s a practical, unassuming product that you’re after, this soap could be for you.

Simply Soaps’ Organic Guy Bar Soap is available from So Organic for £2.50.


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