Jane Goodall – Hope For Animals and Their World Review

Jane Goodall – Hope For Animals and Their World: How Endangered Species Are Being Rescued Form The Brink was a very different book form many I’ve read lately. It’s full of hope and stories of success not only for animals but plants and the rest of the natural world.


Available from Amazon, currently only in hardcover, the book is not only written by Jane but Thane Maynard and Gail Hudson. With a fiction novel this is normally a warning sign, however in this case I barely noticed. Full of color photos and black and white photos unusually integrated into the text, it covers success stories of species revival and continuing efforts to revive and preserve some species.

From well known stories like the Panda and Peregrine Falcon, to the American Burying Beetle the stories are equally interesting and inspiring. The Asian vultures of India have decreased from 87 million birds to 27 breeding pairs a couple of years ago, causing knock on affects due to animal carcasses not being eaten and pathogens spreading more easily. I won’t spoil the cause, but yes, it was us…

It really is an interesting read, the efforts that have been gone to and are still ongoing are often staggering. There is a section at the back that tells you how you can take action for each of the species mentioned. Great read, available from Amazon.


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