What Is Bagasee? And Are Products Made From It Any Good?

Erin Devine, the social media marketing intern, from My Green Table has written a guest post on the site’s bagasee products (available from My Green Table but also lots of other places online) which is well worth a read:

“Let’s face it: it’s unrealistic to think that even the ideal environmentalist will use their good reusable tableware when they throw a party, and wash everyone’s plates afterwards. It is also unrealistic to think that cafés or restaurants will ever be able to use reusable plates/bowls/cutlery without forking out (no pun intended) lots of money they can’t afford to spend. Bagasse tableware products are a great solution to this issue.

Bagasee cups

“Bagasse, a fancy name for the leftovers from sugar cane manufacturing, serves as an excellent alternative to paper, as it does not require cutting down of trees, and it does not require as much energy to produce (and does not need to be bleached). In the past, Bagasse was considered a waste product and burned, unnecessarily polluting the environment with more carbon dioxide. Since the useful properties of Bagasse were discovered, manufacturers of sugar cane in underdeveloped parts of the world could sell the Bagasse as a product in and of itself, enabling them to make a higher profit and potentially help raise these countries’ GDPs.

“Bagasse products can withstand temperatures up to 190 degrees Fahrenheit, and are completely microwave and freezer safe. The aspect that makes Bagasse an eco-friendly substitute is that it is completely biodegradable/compostable. That is, it will decompose under controlled means in order to become compost within 30-90 days. It is good for the environment, requires less energy to produce, releases less carbon dioxide during production, and is a durable and convenient material for foods.

Bgasee plates

“Before I began my internship with My Green Table this summer, I admit I knew nothing about the disadvantages of paper, plastic, and Styrofoam throw-away plates and cups, let alone the advantages of this product called Bagasse. Upon much research on the pros and cons of each material, it hit me just how easy the switch can be, and how big the impact can be. Instead of contributing to all of the Styrofoam, paper, and plastic taking up space in landfills, by switching to Bagasse products you can single-handedly cut back on waste, especially if you decide to buy a personal composting machine: then you can use the composted matter from your plates/bowls/cups as fertilizer for a garden! It’s all a matter of making the conscious choice to use eco-friendly brands of tableware that are biodegradable/compostable, rather than the non-green type that pollute our streets and load our landfills.”

“My Green Table is a small company located in North Carolina with a big mission to inform people of the advantages of starch-based products, and to provide these products at the lowest prices on the internet. Visualized, owned, and managed by an ambitious environmentalist, My Green Table’s goal is not one of moneymaking but of offering an alternative to paper, plastic, and Styrofoam at a reasonable price that anyone willing to make the switch can afford. In fact, we are in the process of applying for non-profit status. If you’d like more information and/or would like to join our movement for Bagasse, check us out at www.mygreentable.bravehost.com or shop at our store at My Green Table!

Thanks Erin!


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