10 Ways To Change The World In Your 20s Book Review

Ten Ways to Change the World in Your Twenties by Libuse Binder is yet another green tips books. What is different about this one? It’s targeted to people in their 20s (as you can tell by the title), and provides ideas, resources and proven strategies to help those twentysomethings take action and make a change.

10 Ways To Change The World In Your 20s

It may only be ten ways, but at over 300 pages there is certainly a lot of detail. The ways are general, but with specific examples and suggestions, I found it packed full of “ways”. The 20s thing is part gimmick and part practical, there are many ways that are easier when you’re younger, but it certainly applies to people of any age who are willing for inspiration on how to make a difference.

I also liked that is wasn’t preachy, and you can open the book almost anywhere and find something useful you can do almost immediately. There’s a icon ratings guide (lie several other green books) to rate each activity in terms of time, cost and lifestyle impact, and there is even an index to summarize them if you want to looks for some easy ones quickly.

I enjoyed reading about the ideas, and particulary the easy ways to travel lightly and cheaply. If you don’t already have a green book full of ideas, or you’re looking for something with fresh ideas and practical steps to achieving them, then this book is a great resource.

You can find out more about the book on Ten Ways and buy from Amazon.


2 thoughts on “10 Ways To Change The World In Your 20s Book Review

  1. seems like an interesting read, may have to get it if it’s available as an ebook. if only amazon would release a decent kindle in the uk i would be able to read any book i fancy instead of trying to read it on my htc hero.

    will post back my views if i get a chance to read it.


  2. What a great idea. What I would have done for a book like this when I was in my 20s! It gives me great hope that there are works like this targeting the younger generation. Hopefully, this will continue for decades to come.


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