Our Choice by Al Gore Book Review

Al Gore’s latest book is Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis. Picking it up, it immediately struck me that is was like a school text book, but with more color pictures. It looked incredibly inviting flicking through, diagrams, explanations, graphs and maps, I couldn’t wait to read it.

Our Choice by Al Gore

First though, the front cover has kind of a gimmicky fold out globe. One that shows on one side how the earth looks now, and on the other an artists rendering of when global warming has wreaked havoc. Complete with multiple cyclones. It’s an interesting touch, but does little besides entice someone to pick up the book.

Broken down into large sections, with smaller chapters, the book goes through sources of energy, living systems, how we use that energy, the obstacles that stand in our way, and how to move quickly to overcome the challenges.

It often reads like a “How It Works” book, with great “exploded” diagrams on subject such as how alternative sources of energy work, how soil stores carbon, to where the energy in gasoline goes.

The video below shows Al talking about his inspiration for the book, and how we have all the knowledge and tools to solve the problem.

I’m still reading the book, it doesn’t have to read in order even, and is a fascinating round-up of the current solutions to the climate crisis, and couple with some stunning photographs and interesting graphical explanations, it’d also make a great gift.

Available for around $15.99 from Amazon.


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