JASON Natural Sea Kelp Shampoo Eco Product Review

By it’s very name, JASON’s Natural Sea Kelp Shampoo conjures up images of a sloppy green sunstance, smelling of the sea. But Big Green Smile has sent us JASON products before (which we liked) so I expected it would be slightly different than that.

Sea Kelp Shampoo

And it was. It was a see-through yellow colour for a start and it also smelt of pineapple and coconut bizarrely. A quick look at the ingredients doesn’t really shed light on why it smells like that, but I’m not complaining.

There are a lot of plant extracts – there’s the sea kelp obviously, but also such unusual things like kukui nut, awapuhi (Hawaiian ginger), plumeria and orchid. It never ceases to amaze me where they find this stuff, every product I review seems to have some plant or flower I’ve never heard of in. It shows what a diverse planet we have and the need for man made ingredients is getting less and less necessary.

Talking of ingredients, this shampoo is free from lauryl sulfates and has what it calls plant panthenols and proteins to mositurise the hair. I keep my hair pretty short but it’s long enough to see if it works. And it’s quite nice. It’s a pretty thick liquid and I used too much on the first go and it foams up nicely, covering my hair.

I think someone with long hair would get a lot of pleasure using this as it doesn’t just smell nice and foam up, once washed off my hair felt nice and smooth, almost silky which is what all the shampoo adverts keep telling us is a good thing.

The bottle obviously suggests to use JASON conditioner but as I don’t have any, I didn’t, and to be honest I don’t see the point of conditioner that much as my hair feels lovely just after using the shampoo. Maybe if you have longer hair it’s more important.

JASON Natural Sea Kelp Shampoo costs £5.75 from Big Green Smile.


3 thoughts on “JASON Natural Sea Kelp Shampoo Eco Product Review

  1. Indeed simon, I too like what’s inside the bottle. Have you tried any of the other JASON shampoos? I’m really fond of the lemon scented one.


  2. The range which includes Natural Grasses, Whole Wheat Proteins, Horsetail and other plant extracts strengthen and smooth the hair shaft to protect against environmental damage. Naturally being a vegan and a patriot (not really) it appealed to me (no animal products or testing, Australian owned and made, etc. Completely odourless, gentle, soothing, delicious.


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