Method Steel For Real Wipes Eco Product Review

As regular readers will know, here at Life Goggles we’re big fans of Method products. The latest one we have in for review is Method Steel For Real Wipes for cleaning stainless steel.

The first obvious thing to raise your eyebrows is that these are disposable wipes – not very eco-friendly is it? Will yes and no really. These are made from bamboo and will biodegrade unlike mainstream brand disposable wipes that sit in landfill for millions of years. It’s important that the eco world offer alternatives to mainstream products, people who use wipes will not want to move back to cloths and spray so these are a eco-friendly alternative.

Method Steel for Real Wipes

That out the way it was time to test the wipes. But first I had to get into the packet – and for some reson I found it a joy. There’s a little plastc pop up lid that I’ve never seen before. Maybe lots of products have it but the last time I used wipes they had an allegedly resealable sticky cover that doesn’t work. This little plastic lid is genius. Although it doesn’t say whether it’s made from recycled plastic but hopefully people who buy these will recycle this bit.

Right, now to try out the wipes. The smell is exactly the same as the Method Stainless Steel Cleaner spray I reviewed a while ago, which is probably as it’s the same stuff! But using the wipes is a different experience that the spray and cloth. I immediately thought I preferred the spray as that worked brilliantly but I struggled a little with the cloths, but after a while I realised as that’s because I don’t clean my sink and draining board very often so need to use a more abrasive cloth that these disposable ones. These wipes work really well, I just need to use them more regularly than I have been!

I did find I needed to use another cloth after the wipes only after I got one wet. If you’re cleaning your sink I’d advise you to wait until it’s dry before cleaning it as once the wipes are wet it leaves a milky residue on the surface that you need to wipe away. Not a big problem, but something to look out for.

I think these are a really good alternative to buying other disposable wipes, although I might stick to the spray version and a cloth. Or maybe I’l clean more often with these, hmmm.

Method Steel For Real Wipes cost £3.50 from most supermarkets and online shops such as Big Green Smile.


4 thoughts on “Method Steel For Real Wipes Eco Product Review

  1. i don’t like the idea of these one bit. dispoable eco friendly cloths? makes no sense when you can use the same product but in a spray bottle. I use their stainless steal spray with a microfibre cloth and find just simple washing that over and over works far better. Also to think of the time/money/energy used to get the dispoables to me to find that there is very few in each packet, perhaps ok for home owners but not for my cleaning company as we’d go through these within a week, it seems like such a waste of money and evne perhaps worse then the non-green alternatives.

    the only time i think that disposable wipes are great is for cleaning hazardous waste, as the germs are immediately disposed of.


  2. Well, looks like the old “it’s made from bamboo therefore it biodegrades” gambit has been played in this greenwash saga. Sort the facts out then report / review them, instead of regurgitating the corporate line that has been fed to you. The stuff made of bamboo is called rayon and it does NOT degrade…Get honest to goodness products like Michael’s Original…not this pseudo green washing up garbage! Spoke my mind…


  3. I appreciate your comment Ben but from what I know that’s not true about these particular wipes. Bamboo rayon legally has to be labeled (in the US) as “bamboo rayon” or “rayon from bamboo” on the ingredients. This of course doesn’t mena everyone does though! These bamboo fibers are compostable and also biodegrade so I believe that these are not bamboo rayon. You’re right though, a lot of manufacturers are using bamboo rayon as a greenwashing tactic, but I don’t think it’s true in this case. Some bamboo products are actually just bamboo, but unfortunately a lot more are labeled bamboo when they’re really rayon.


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