Organic Surge Handwash Eco Product Review

We’ve reviewed a few handwashes at Life Goggles and it amazes me how popular they are. Handwash is something you don’t really think about but end up using it everyday. Thinking about yesterday (as I write this) I think I used soap twice and handwash three times to wash my hands so it’s great there are so many eco-friendly choices.

This Organic Surge Handwash is made by a company called Thinkhappy which is a great name. The ever helpful Big Green Smile sent me the lavendar and geranium version that promises that it “cleanses, refreshes and moisturises” and has a “delicious natural fragrance”.

Organic Surge handwash

And it seems to do the job exactly as promised. Despite the opaque bottle, the handwash is clear and smooth. With damp hands it soaps up nicely without needing to use too much. It’s lavendar fragrance is noticable straight out of the bottle, but isn’t overwhelming.

Once washing off, the lavender smell stays on your hands which is as it should be, but smelling it every time I went to drink a glass of water after started to put me off it it, but five minutes later the smell had gone – I must remember not to wash my hands when I’m very thirsty!

Buying Organic Surge products also helps African children as the company donates to various projects there: “Our donations go towards creating educational scholarships in schools, helping the Kenya Children’s Home Orphanage in Kenya and supporting the Watoto children’s charity in Uganda.”

The handwash is made with 99% naturally derived ingredients and some certified organic ingredients but does come in a plastic bottle – but they all do to compete with mainstream brands and I’m safe in the knowledge that I can recycle it easy enough. I would like it if companies paid more attention to the bottles though and started using recycled bottles.

That slight complaint aside, I’ve found this handwash really nice to use and it’ll adorn my bathroom for many months to come.

Organic Surge Handwash costs £3.91 from Big Green Smile.


3 thoughts on “Organic Surge Handwash Eco Product Review

  1. funny you get a new organic surge product to try just as i did the same (though not handwash), and from the same place, biggreensmile, they were fantastic with delivery i have to say, i ordered £50 worth of supplies yesterday afternoon with the thought it would arrive monday next week latest, and it was already with me by 10am this morning with it all there, nothing missing; can’t beat less then 24 hours delivery.

    trouble you have with soap is it appears to be extremely east to make, so there is a lot of options. as you liked this one will have to give it a try if it comes in other scents; i’m not so keen on lavander


  2. With chamomile extract, this, biodegradable product ise packed with more than just a blend of natural ingredients and pure organic essential oils. best of all It is free from parabens, sulphates, synthetic perfume, chemical antioxidants, mineral oils, petroleum and aggressive foaming agents as is the entire range. I have to say , you cant get any more organic than this…


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