Finding A Place For Lost Gloves

Walking around London and to work in the winter can mean rain and wind blowing straight into your face. Looking down at the pavement is often the best way to minimise the weather’s effects. And when you look down a lot, in winter at least, you’ll notice the odd single glove that’s fallen out of the pocket of it’s owner.

I say ‘odd’ I actually notice a lot and often thought of collecting them and putting them on a website to reunite them with their owners. Well environmental group Green Thing has gone one better and launched a website called Glove Love that pairs up single gloves and sells them.

Glove Love

What’s unusual is that it doesn’t try and match up the gloves by colour, but only by size so you’ll get a unique pair of gloves for only £5. It gets its gloves from museums, Transport For London and other place where people leave gloves. Green Thing is asking people to send in unpartnered gloves to keep its online store stocked and profits go to Green Thing Trust, which is a registered charity.

So it’s creative, fun and environmentally friendly. Forget buying gloves in the January sales, I reckon Glove Love is the best way to do it.

Spotted via: Springwise.


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