Garlic Can Cut Cows’ Methane Gas

Springwise always has a story I want to read and with a headline about garlic, cows and methane, there was no way I was going to ignore it.

What it reported was that a UK startup company called Mootral (a mix between moo and neutral) has joined together with a Welsh company called Neem Biotech to provide a solution to the 500 billion litres of methane gas cows produce every year – that’s 20% of the gas around the world.

The team has developed a garlic-based feed additive for livestock that reduces cows’ methane emissions by at least 25 percent. Mootral’s feed is a natural antibiotic that fights bacteria in the stomachs of cows and sheep to dramatically reduce its production. In fact, Mootral estimates that it can reduce cow emissions enough to generate £30 per cow of carbon credit per year; all together, that would amount to a carbon credit market potential of more than £30 billion per year, it says. A big incentive indeed – both environmental and financial.



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