Method Wood for Good Wipes Eco Product Review

Out of the growing number of Method products being released, the latest we’ve reviewed at Life Goggles was the Steel for Real wipes. In the same vein come the Method Good for Wood wipes, but for use of wood furniture obviously.

Using the same clever packet as the steel wipes, with it’s pop open ‘stay fresh’ lid, it holds about 30 wipes which for the limited amount of wood I have in my flat, that means about a year’s worth of cleaning! Not bad for the price I reckon.

Wood for Good wipes

I haven’t tried the spray version of the surface cleaner so they were totally new to me and the first thing that hits you is the smell, it reminded me of holidays for some reason but is in fact almond oil.

Using them is simplicity itself, just take it out of the packet and wipe away. They leave a lovely shine without too much work and as happy as you can be when cleaning, they left me pretty content.

Made from bamboo, the wipes can be put on the compost heap when you’ve used them, and you can’t say that about many cleaning products can you? As usual, a Method product has impressed me again, I always look forward to reviewing its products.

Method Wood for Good Wipes cost £3.50 from most supermarkets and online shops such as Big Green Smile.


4 thoughts on “Method Wood for Good Wipes Eco Product Review

  1. i don’t understand the design. surely it’s highly “un”eco-friendly to have to keep buying the wipes as they’re only useable once? seems completely backwards for a company that’s trying to be green :s


  2. I have a sensitivity to perfumes but I decided to try this product anyhow. Talk about “perfumed”. Although It leaves my wood furniture with a great luster and does a great cleaning job, the scent gives me a headache. Doesn’t smell like real almonds at all. I noticed it has “fragrance oil blend” in it – sorry but I think that can be realistically translated into “PERFUMED”. Time has come to remove the word “non toxic” from products as the question can only be “Non toxic to who.” ?? I now have a new product that I can share with others to see how they react to it.
    Does Method make any non-scented products??


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