Energy Saving Trust: Householders Unaware Of Financial Support

Alasdair from online eco-friendly shop Big Green Smile writes:

The Energy Saving Trust has found that the majority of householders would like to make their homes more efficient but are being put off by the perceived costs.

“According to a survey carried out in Scotland, 74 per cent are in favour of installing energy saving measures such as solar panels on their homes but fear it would be too expensive to do so, the BBC reported.


“However, the group pointed out that grants are available to meet these costs and that substantial amounts of money could be saved in the future through cheaper fuel bills.

“Some 70 per cent of residents were not aware that initiatives to help fund household energy saving existed.

“Director of Energy Saving Trust Scotland Mike Thornton said: “People like the idea of generating their own energy, and if they only knew they could get help to meet the costs, they might be more likely to install the technology.”

“This news comes after the Conservative Party revealed plans to provide financial support to help more than three million properties become more efficient.”


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