Canova Aromatherapy Candle Eco Product Review

Alas, this is the last candle we have to review from Scented Candle Shop. Each one has been pretty decent in its own right, from tea lights to floating candles and to ones like this, a premium glass aromatherapy candle.

Made by Canova, this is an eco-soy wax candle with natural essential oils and a natural wick. What’s also nice to see is the recycled glass, which may account for the premium price, and the box is also made from recycled cardboard.

Canova Brainwave

Hand poured in the UK, this particular scent is called Brainwave and is designed to “achieve that extra genius in love, work or play”. To do that it includes rosemary (to produce “mental clarity)< lemongrass (to "induce a state of calm") and neroli (to "stimulate the intellect").

What it all adds up to is a lovely smell, sort of fresh and fruity. When lit the smell doesn't dominate a room and doesn't really work as something to mask bad smells, but within a few feet of it the smell is lovely.

I'm not sure whether it helped my grey cells out at all but I quite liked it and with 50 hours of burning time it'll be around for a while. It's melts quite slowly with a very liquidy wax as soy wax goes and the flame is nice and bright.

The Canova Aromatherapy Candle costs £11.69 from the Scented Candle Shop.


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