Fresh And Green Toilet Cleaner Eco Product Review

I don’t tend to buy environmentally friendly products from the supermarket, but this caught my eye so I thought ;why not?’. Fresh and Green’s Eco Friendly Toilet Cleaner and Limescale Remover is part of TV chef Antony Worrall Thompson’s range of cleaner products, and there’s quite a range, is derived from natural plant extracts and promises to have used sustainable agricultural practices in making it.

Fresh and Green Toilet Cleaner

The problem with reviewing toilet cleaner is that if you use a different one regularly and your toilet is clean, all the cleaner you’re reviewing needs to do it keep it clean, rather that get rid of a lot of limescale etc. But as most people are in that situation, where they regularly clean the toilet, then I decided it was fair enough to review it this way.

The cleaner is clear and has a nice citrus-like fragrance which stays around after a couple of flushes but as with all the varieties I’ve tested it tends to disappear after that. Once you squirt it on you can actually just leave it for up to two hours and just flush before using it, but I like to use a toilet brush too. And it worked really well, no problems at all with it, it’s easy to use and left the bowl looking nice and clean – you can’t say much more than that eh?

Fresh And Green Toilet Cleaner is available a supermarkets like Adsa, Budgen and Waitrose, as well as smaller stores like the Co-op and Robert Dyas. Prices vary, but expect to pay around £3.00. For more information you can check out the Fresh and Green website.


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