How To Lower Your Fuel Bill

By fuel, I mean petrol or gas, whatever you like to call it where you are. Some tips that are good for your wallet and the environment are around reducing fuel consumption when driving.

CouponSherpa recently published some tips, including:

3. Drive Sanely
Drive like Evel Knievel and you’ll pay for the thrill. Wind resistance increases dramatically with speed so, for every mile per hour over 55 you drive, your fuel economy goes down by 2 percent. Speeding, sudden braking and jack-rabbit starts are notoriously inefficient ways to drive. Not only will driving sanely maximize your fuel efficiency but it will also reduce wear and tear on your vehicle.

4. Smooth It Out
The Environmental Protection Agency recommends “smoothing” your driving by accelerating and decelerating gradually and anticipating stops and starts. If you have an overdrive gear, use it as soon as your speed is high enough. If you drive a manual transmission, shift to a higher gear smoothly and as soon as possible without bucking. As the Car Guys say, “Believe it or not, due to an unexplained Einsteinian time warp, you’ll also get to your destination in about the same time.”

You can read the full lower your fuel consumption article here.


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