Traidcraft Fair Trade Rubber Gloves Eco Product Review

Just a quick review this week as it was something I bought not planning to review but because I needed a pair of rubber gloves. I picked up this pair of Traidcraft Fair Trade Rubber Gloves from some supermarket, I actually can’t remember, but when I was using them recently (during a blocked up sink incident I’m trying very hard to forget) I thought I must write about them.

Traidcraft rubber gloves

Traidcraft work with a company in Sri Lanka called Firstlight (named after the fact farmers tap the rubber trees first thing in the morning) to pay farmers a regualr and fair wage and offer them assistance with equipment and technical support.

There’s not much else to say about the the gloves, they fit nicely (size medium) and have a little bit of grip on the fingers to help. I don’t really know why you would but non-Fair Trade rubber gloves, especially as they’re only around £1. You can learn more about Traidcraft here and buy the gloves from supermarkets and online from places like Big Green Smile.


3 thoughts on “Traidcraft Fair Trade Rubber Gloves Eco Product Review

  1. how strong would you say they were? as a professional cleaner i go through plenty of gloves and i’d love to find a decent fair trade pair but all i have tried so far have been weak and break within a couple of days use, so i end up with a lot more waste, not great for the environment


    1. They seem pretty strong to me but I haven’t used them that much and not in a professional capacity. I’m afraid you’ll have to test them out yourself.


  2. well after some times i’ve found these to be although slightly costly, good gloves. i’ve been putting on the cheap flimsey thin gloves under neath and then these stronger ones on top and they last long enough. 🙂


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