Quick Recycling and Reusing Roundup

Ther have been a few stories around recently about my favourite form or being environmentally-conscious – turning old things into something new. Buying new eco-goods is a great step but I always prefer bringing something already made back to life.


A British company called Specialbike is offering customers the opportunity to turn their old, rusted and broken bike into something brand-spanking new. And if you don’t have your own bike, they do it anyway with found or bought bikes and revitalise them.


Old cast iron radiators might not be very energy efficient but a Candanian company can turn them into something better – an electric radiator. EcoRad uses 99% recycled materials in its conversion process and restores the lustre of the old radiator as well as giving it its own thermostat so you can control its heat output directly.


Teddylux actually changes the use of an old garment into something new – cashmere sweaters into cuddly toys. Based in Georgia, Teddylux takes sweaters from donations and uses them to make animal toys.


Boston-based Reknit turns old sweaters into something different every month – it was scarves in January and is gloves this month. You can send your own sweater in, or for a bit more money, can just ask the ‘mom’ to knit you a pair anyway. The site creator’s mom does the knitting and sister takes the photos. You can even vote for what mom should knit next month.


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