World’s Best Cat Litter Review

A review of something I haven’t personally test per-se, but my cat has. World’s Best Cat Litter has a great name, and has some claimed green credentials. Most normal cat litter is made from natural clay (or sodium bentonite), which is formed into pellets and dried. The clay is strip mined from the earth in a destructive process that leaves a indelible mark on our environment.

The corn used to produce the World’s Best Cat Litter are the same corn varieties approved by the USDA /EPA/FDA, and EU European Union for food use. This corn is also used to produce many ingredients, including corn sweeteners, food starches, corn oil, used in the production of high quality food and pharmaceutical products. This corn and/or its components are also used in the production of animal feeds.

Since the corn used is all natural and biodegradable, it is very safe for people, pets and the environment. There is no silica dust for you and your cat to breath in, if your pet ingests the litter it is digestible (so no need to be concerned about intestinal blockages), and over time the litter will naturally degrade and not be sitting in a landfill 100 years from now.

It claims to have unsurpassed odor control, and while it wasn’t the best in the world on that score, it wasn’t bad and not really noticeable as we clean the box regularly. Some people said their cats have not liked the texture, but ours didn’t seem bothered. It’s flushable but I didn’t try that as there’s no point (and I think it’s still not recommended in California at least).

Clumping was pretty good and scooping not a problem, overall it worked well. I would prefer to some degree that it wasn’t made of edible whole kernel corn that could be used for human food, rather than cat’s waste, perhaps looking at using some sort of inedible corn by-product.

You can buy it now from Amazon and pet stores of course!


10 thoughts on “World’s Best Cat Litter Review

  1. I like the fact that the litter is digestable so it wont hurt your kitty’s belly. I have quite a few friends with kittens and have had trouble finding green cat litter but World’s Best seems like a great option


  2. This was on sale and I purchased 3 bags because I had coupons. I have tried it for a week, and for me, it DOES NOT do as good of a job as it states. I have one cat and when he uses it, I immediately have to get it out because of the smell. I normally use the Arm & Hammer and I’ve found that it works the best. I am 50 years old and have had cats my entire life. I have tried most litters, if not all, and this litter just doesn’t get rid of the smell and does not clump well either. Sorry. I was hoping it would work.


  3. I have to disagree with Diana. I’ve been using this cat litter for almost a year and have found that it clumps just as well as clay litter. As for eliminating odor, I’d say this litter is average. From my experience, there isn’t a cat litter out there that can eliminate the smell of urine.

    What I like the most though, is that it’s biodegradable. Just can’t get myself to dump a plastic bag full of dirty clay litter in the trash anymore.


    1. I think it depends on your cat(s) and perhaps their diet and where the litter box is kept. It’s worth trying to see if it works for you, but people have had opposite results it seems! Thanks Jason.


  4. I think they should rename this products World’s WORST Cat Litter! All I can say is thank God I used the coupon for a rebate of this product. It does NOT eliminate cat urine/feces odor at all. And when I cleaned out the cat box, the wet litter smelled like vomit! I seriously had to hold my breath when I cleaned out the box. I ended up dumping it after a couple days because I could not stand the smell. Everyone in my house complained…it was that bad. Also, myy cats tracked this litter throughout my house. I would not buy this litter even if it were half the price of Fresh Step, my preferred brand. Like the saying goes…If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


  5. This stuff is great. I recommend it to strangers that I have seen purchasing other cat litter at Petsmart. It is buy far the best cat litter that I have ever purchased. No dust residual, clumps much better than the rest and keeps my litter box cleaner 3 x longer than the other top brands, and Eco friendly. Doesn’t get better than that. I’ve had cats in my family since I was 3 yrs old and I’m 50 yrs old. I clean up after my cats within 15 minutes when I’m home and there are times when I’m not at home where hours go by and yes when I get home I know he’s used it, but no it is not shouting out cat crap. Maybe the people that are unhappy need to clean up after there cats more often. I don’t know. What I do know is this stuff is Great! I would highly recommend this product. In my eyes WORLDS BEST CAT LITTER !!!


  6. If you dont mind the smell of cat urine and the strong smell of cat feces then this product is for you. I will be sticking with Fresh Step. I used this for 3 days and threw it out…. Worlds worst cat litter… Blech


  7. As for the negative comments listed in this review. I have to say I am very surprised that there was even 1 negative comment. I found worlds best cat litter by accident as we had adopted a cat from a local kill shelter that had cancer. We had picked up regular clay clumping cat litter and used that. Until I heard the clay cat litter was not good for cats as the clay can stick to their lungs as they breath in the clay when they dig in the litter. I immediately looked for another cat litter and found worlds best cat litter. Well I have adopted 4 cats from the shelter, they all took to worlds best cat litter with no problem at all. The cats ages when adopted were the youngest 4 and the oldest 12, so you know they used a lot of different cat litters in their life time. As for how it works, well first off it clumps fantastic, no odor at all. To top it all off it is flushable, I have been using it for 4 years, and have had no problems with flushing. I have recommended worlds best cat litter to over 10 different people and they all love it, not one bad thing to say about it. With worlds best cat litter, all you have to do is scoop flush and it is gone. All you need to do is add worlds best cat litter when it gets low and that is it. Great product would never use any other cat litter.


  8. Litter clumps well but the smell is putrid!!! So not worth the money I purchased several bags and returned them all. The litter makes your house smell like a elephant zoo even after scooping. Don’t waste your time or money. My cats wouldn’t use the litter box that had the worlds best litter in it.


  9. I’ve been using Worlds Best for my two cats for several years now and I’m very pleased. I think it does a good job. It can be dusty when pouring a new bag in the pan and the odor control is average but I scoop the box several times a day and put directly into the toilet. I LOVE that it’s flushable. I keep the litter box next to the toilet – process can’t get easier and it’s soft so I don’t feel like I’m stepping on sharp pebbles when they track some of it out of the box. Usually buy it on sale $7.99 for a 7 lb bag and the bag last’s just about a month.


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