Lighting A BBQ Without Harmful Lighter Fluid

I received an email this week telling me that BBQs, or barbecues as I like to call them, are bad for the environment. Mainly due to the lighter fluid that’s used to accelerate and help the flame take.

Felipe Correa is the co-founder of One Light Charcoal and he came up with an idea to make a built-in chimmney in the charcoal bag so there would be no need for lighter fluid.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency in the US, charcoal lighter fluid is responsible for the release of some 14,500 tons of volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere in the country alone each year, so alternatives like this are a great idea. All you need to do is open the bag, use the long match provided and drop it into the chimney and then the bag burns from the inside out, allowing the charcoal to heat up before the bag itself burns off, leaving only hot coals.

A bag costs around US$3.50.


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