Ecover Concentrated Biological Laundry Liquid Eco Product Review

I’ve reviewed many Ecover products including its Non Biological Integrated Washing Powder and generally been impressed with it. So I was intrigued to receive this new concentrated laundry liquid – both the bio and non bio versions.

Ecover biological laundry liquid

First up is the bio. The packaging has taken some tips from Ikea instruction manuals and gone with pictures on how to use it – one 35ml capful equals one load of washing. And that’s about it really. You can use more if you have hard water and half the amount for hand washing.

And as you would expect it works well. I put it in the drawer of the washing machine and washed away. If I had one criticism of the powder it’s when I used it on a full load of dark colours. If things are packed in tight I’d find white marks in the creases of black shirts. But the liquid negates this and coupled with Ecover fabric softener, your clothes come out smelling fresh and clean.

Ecover Concentrated Biological Laundry Liquid is available in a 750ml bottle online from places like Big Green Smile for £5.69, or instore.


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