Organic cosmetics companies ‘still have ingredient issues’

Tanja from online eco-friendly shop Big Green Smile writes about the challenges facing organic beauty companies:

While a significant number of natural beauty and organic cosmetics firms have launched products claiming to be environmentally friendly or organic, they continue to grapple with ingredient issues, according to Inside Cosmeceuticals.

Research led by Organics Monitor suggested that the quality and supply of organic and natural ingredients remains a major issue for manufacturers and brand owners.

The introduction of natural and organic cosmetic standards is also giving rise to new challenges for companies.

Standards agencies are imposing restrictions on the use of synthetic chemicals, processes and packaging.

Brands such as Melvita have passed stringent tests and the France-based organic natural beauty firm is certified organic by Eco-cert.

Judi Beerling, technical research manager at Organic Monitor, believes that companies also find it hard to acquire enough quality materials for their products.

“Having sufficient supply of high quality raw materials at reasonable costs is a major concern for many companies,” she said.


2 thoughts on “Organic cosmetics companies ‘still have ingredient issues’

  1. I am not sure what “issues” the companies you are referring to are grappling with. While many companies are choosing to greenwash people with substandard certifications like ECOCERT, other companies are able to create wonderfully potent,pure and effective products with food grade organic certification from government organizations like the USDA. If a product is USDA certified organic and has the USDA organic stamp on it, it must be 95% certified organic ingredients (not including water as ECO CERT does) and no synthetics. For world leading USDA certified organic skin care visit There is no “grappling,” just the highest quality ingredients and pure, effective products.


  2. I disagree with the valerie on this point. I’m not saying that ecocert is awesome, just that the usda certification process has major loopholes in it. There is essentially no real “standard” for initial organic certification because the certification for organic farms is used state to state, and determined by revenue, not methods. Essentially, all it amounts to is greenwashing, but on a government level.


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