Airline restrictions ‘perfect chance to try natural beauty products’

Tanja from online eco-friendly shop Big Green Smile writes:

“Natural beauty products such as Avalon Organics’ range can be trialled by people planning to travel by air, according to the Ottawa Citizen.

In the UK, security restrictions at airports mean fluids must be in containers of no more than 100ml, which must be placed in a resealable bag.

However, far from being a problem, the Ottawa Citizen suggests that such restrictions are the perfect opportunity for people to try new natural beauty brands by buying travel-sized products.

“By now, we should all be friends with the liquid and gel restrictions,” the publication claims.

Among the brands it suggests that people might want to try is Avalon Organics, which produces a range including skin and hair care products, bathing cleansers and emollients for use on babies.

The company’s baby range includes vitamin E-enriched cleansers and baby wipes with herbal ingredients to help maintain the natural softness of the skin.”


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