The Green Blue Book – Eco Book Review

The Green Blue Book: The Simple Water-Savings Guide to Everything in Your Life is written by one of the authors of The Green Book, but this time it focuses specifically on saving water.

The Green Blue Book

I recently reviewed Water by Steven Solomon and the battle over water seems to be brewing more and more these days. This book is less about the causes and reasons for it, but more what we can do about it, chiefly by saving water.

The first section takes you through the water that you can see, so the water you use in your home in daily life. So shorter showers, turning off the tap while cleaning your teeth and/or shaving. The water you use in the garden, or at work or while on vacation. Simple tips of what you can do and how much it will save.

Section two moves on moves on to invisible water usage, the water that you can’t see being used. This mainly involves the water used in the production of food, clothes, furnishings, pets, and anything you buy or consume on a daily basis. It’s very interesting to read about the amounts of water that go into your kitchen granite countertop or how much water is used growing and transporting that one pear to you (7.8 gallons apparently). There are usually brief tips about how to reduce this (buy locally and in-season produce or use a roll-on rather than spray deodorant for example).

Finally it goes through how to calculate your water footprint with some simple mathematics. Reducing the water you use is not only good for the environment but also for your wallet. My water bill went up 25% last year for the same amount of water. The book finishes off with a huge (over 50 pages) list of resources and references, with some URLs so long you have no hope of typing them in correctly. Using a url shortening service would have be a smart idea here. There’s also a quick handy reference guide at the back and an index as you would expect.

Overall the book is very interesting. Some of the tips are a little obvious (at least to me) but most are easy to implement and make perfect sense. Broken into easy to read paragraphs and with the quick reference guide it’s easy to keep around and see how simple it is to start saving water.

Buy it now for around $11.55 from Amazon.


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