Per Circuit Home Energy Monitoring Is Here!

The Powerhouse Dynamics eMonitor is the world’s first comprehensive, per circuit home energy monitoring and energy management system.

You may have done some looking at home energy monitors, and found it interesting, but not quite reaching their potential, right? Well now comes the Powerhouse Dynamics eMonitor, that blows everything before it out of the water.

You can use the system to tell, live, how much electricity each individual electric object in your house is using, and how much it’s costing you. I don’t have any, but if you did have solar, wind, and heating oil can be factored in. Even the carbon footprint, and what it would take to offset it. You can look back and see what it has used, the eMonitor helping you spot anomalies, like excessive energy use, running too long, or close to overloading your circuits.

Energy Circle founder Peter Troast calculated the savings in the past year testing various monitors, and with nothing more then increased awareness, they’ve saved $489. While using the eMonitor this past month they recently found that their drier is using the same energy whether on regular or low heat setting, so that and other finds are bound to increase savings even further.

Also the eMonitor is one of the first to use the newly opened Google PowerMeter API.

Currently my panel is outside, so they’re working on an outdoor version. Also it currently cannot be connected wirelessly to the internet, but I expect that feature to be added soon. Certainly not cheap at the moment, the device will still reap great long-term benefits for those with large bills and no idea where the cost is coming from. Buy from Energy Circle.


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